Cardinal's Scholarship Program

2012 Program Guidelines

Who Can Be Considered for a Cardinalís Scholarship?

1.   Families with a total family income that falls within the guidelines set by the Childrenís Scholarship Fund.  See Income Eligibility Scale.

2.   Child or children must be entering grades K-6 in September 2010.

3.   For any child entering grades 1Ė6, the child must be enrolled currently in a public school, and the family will need to provide a current public school report card to verify the childís public school attendance.

How Much Will the Cardinalís Scholarship Be?

1.   The average scholarship for 2010-2011 was approximately $1,900 and the maximum scholarship amount for 2011-2012 will be $2,800. The actual amount will be determined by the familyís income and the target schoolís tuition cost.

2.   The scholarships will not cover the full tuition of a Catholic School, and families will be required to pay the difference between the school tuition and the Cardinalís Scholarship, as well as any additional school fees.  Families will be expected to contribute a minimum of $500 towards their childís education.

3.   Provided there is sufficient funding, scholarships will be renewable every year, through 8th grade, assuming financial need continues and the family is current on the balance of tuition payments and meets other renewal guidelines.


How Can Families Apply for a Cardinalís Scholarship?

STEP 1:    Find a Manhattan, Bronx, or Staten Island Catholic Elementary School you wish your child or children to attend .

STEP 2:    Request or pick up an application at your school of interest, bring completed forms and supporting financial documents to your target school and finalize the schoolís admissions process (application form, testing to ensure proper grade placement, etc.) After the forms are reviewed by the designated school officers, the school will submit the forms to Childrenís Scholarship Fund.

STEP 3:    If the school has space for your child and your child is admitted to the school, then the school will sign a School Commitment Form that confirms your childís place at the school and the schoolís tuition cost if you receive a scholarship.  This form must be returned to Childrenís Scholarship Fund in order for your scholarship application to be complete.  When your application is completed and approved, you will receive a letter from Childrenís Scholarship Fund letting you know the amount of your scholarship.

Please call the school office for additional information.