NEW FAMILIES: $90 per child (Once Student is accepted into Visitation School - Family must set up an account in SMART online and pay registration fee)

RE-REGISTRATION: $70 per family (Billed To SMART Tuition on March 20)

(Registration and Re-Registration Fees are non-refundable)

General/Book Fees: Kindergarten - Grade 8: $375 for one Child / $600 for two or more children
(Billed To SMART TUITION on JULY 20, 2016)
     Workbooks/Stationery Items
     Parent Association Fee
     Lunch Supervision Fee
     Standardized Testing Fee
Smart Tuition Administrative Fee: $40 (Billed To SMART TUITION on JULY 20, 2016)
TACHS Fee: Grade 8 Only: $63 Exam Registration Fee
Technology Fee: Kgn. Grade 8: $125 per Student (Billed To SMART TUITION on FEB. 20, 2017)
Graduation Fee: Grade 8 Only: $90 Payable in May (Billed To SMART TUITION on May 20, 2017)
Walk-a-thon/Spring Fundraiser: $30 per child (Billed To SMART TUITION on MAY 20, 2017)
Fall Fundraiser: $60 per family (Billed To SMART TUITION on SEPTEMBER 20, 2016)
Field Trip Fees: These fees are non-refundable.
Confirmation Fee: $75 per Student
UNIFORMS: Only official distributor: Lu-Dels, Inc., 364 So. Broadway, Yonkers (914) 969-2664

LUNCH: Parents are expected to provide a nutritious lunch for their children.

TRANSPORTATION: Children who are eligible for a NYC Metro Card will be Issued one or NYC buses or trains. There is no Yellow Bus Service.

We request that parents support all of our fund-raising activities, which are run for the benefit
of Visitation School.