On September 27, 1928, Cardinal Hayes, then the Archbishop of New York, appointed Father Joseph V. Stanford the pastor of
a new parish, to be called the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A temporary chapel was set up in two converted stores on Bailey Avenue, south of West 238 Street. Groundbreaking for
Visitation's first church and school was begun on December 8, 1929 at Putnam Avenue a few feet north of West 238 Street.
The new building was open on August 15, 1930. Cardinal Hayes formally dedicated the church on December 8, 1930.

In May of 1931, a Sunday School for Children in Public School was begun, staffed with two Sisters of Charity from the College of
Mount Saint Vincent and three teachers from P.S. 7.

Visitation School formally opened on September of 1932, with an enrollment of 17 pupils in classes 1A and 1B. The school was
operated by the Sisters of Charity of Mount Saint Vincent. Sister Mary Angelita, SC, was appointed the first principal in 1933.

The school building was completed by 1935 with 104 children registered. By September 1939, enrollment grew to 300 students.
Thirteen graduates made up the first graduating class in January 1940.

Sister Mary Angelita died on February 1, 1949 after 16 years as principal of Visitation School. Sixty years later Visitation School
stands as a living memorial to the dedication, sacrifice and endurance that Sister Mary Angelita and others like her gave for its

Visitation Church and School stood in the direct path of the planned Major Deegan Expressway. After six years, in 1950, the
decision was made to demolish the existing church and school to make way for the highway. In the same year the property on which the present church, rectory, and school are situated was purchased and ground was broken on February 17, 1952.

In the parish's Silver Jubilee Year of 1953, Francis Cardinal Spellman dedicated the new Visitation School on the site where it
stands today. The date was April 27, 1953. The Sisters of Charity continued to serve as administrators and teachers in the school until 1972.

In the fall of 1980, Sister Rosemarie Connell, SC, re-established the presence of the Sisters of Charity as new principal of Visitation School, a post which she still holds today. She has brought with her a dedicated and professional teaching staff and the prerequisite for academic excellence and strong religious values that have come to be associated with Visitation School.

Visitation graduates gain acceptance into Catholic high schools, many with full and partial scholarships. Students have been accepted into Bronx High School of Science and have won honors placements and second year Spanish and Math placement in high school. Beyond this, every Visitation graduate takes with him or her the experience of learning in a caring, Christian and disciplined
environment. They become part of Visitation's history in the same way that they carry the memories of Visitation through the rest of their lives.